Ergodyne Pull-On Wrist Lanyard With Buckle 20cm 1.4kg

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ER3116 Squids Pull-On Wrist Lanyard w/Buckle 1.4kg

ER311619057 One size fits all | Black

Pull-On wrist lanyard with modular loop connection tetherstools limiting the distance of a dropped tool and reducessnag hazards. Exchange tools easily with quick connectingmodular buckle design.

Elastic maintains snug fit
Pull-on design is easy to take on and off
Modular quick connecting buckle for exchanging multipletools
Compatible with ER310319069: Detachable Lanyard Tool TailLoops
Maximum safe working capacity: 1.4kg / 3lbs
Third party tested using a 2:1 safety factor
Patent pending

Telecommunications, Municipalities, Construction, Utilities,Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Transportation



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