Ergodyne Coiled Cable Dual S/S Carabineer 0.9Kg

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ER3130S Squids Coiled Cable Lanyard – 0.9kg ER3130S19130 – Coiled length 165mm / Extended length 1.27m | Lime Coiled cable lanyard keeps the length of the lanyard close to the anchoring point reducing snag hazards of traditional lanyards while preventing dropped objects. The patent pending swivelling design prevents tangles and headaches the coiled design can cause and reduces recoil force preventing aggressive snap back. Features: • Constructed with PU covered aircraft cable • Stainless steel carabineers (#304) • Coil design prevents snag and tangle hazards • Swivelling design prevents tangles and fast recoil • Captive eye carabineer • Maximum safe working capacity: 0.9kg / 2lbs • Third-party certified to a 2:1 safety factor Applications: Telecommunications Municipalities Construction Utilities Wind Energy Oil & Gas Power Generation Transportation



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