Strata – ADVANCECUT45:40A PFC Inverter Plasma Cutter

• 36 month warranty with product registration

$1,932.00 incl gst

Sever cut up to 19mm of carbon steel with intelligent machine and plasma torch protection system. The ADVANCECUT 45 offers a powerful machine in a compact package – ideal for the serious industrial user.
• IGBT Inverter technology for smooth & stable output and increased reliability
• Increased duty cycle and energy efficiency with active PFC technology
• Multi voltage input – will operate with wide range of input voltage, can even be used with long extension leads
• Protected external air regulator with water trap/filter enabling easy adjustment and servicing
• Non-HF arc starting system increases reliability and lowers EMF pollution
• Auto pilot arc control increases cutting control, especially for discontinuous cutting
• Duty cycle 30A@100%

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