Stronghand Welders Angle Clamp, 3-Axis, Swing AwayArm, Small


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SHWAC35-SW | Stronghand Welders Angle Clamp 3-Axis Swing AwayArm Small 3 Axis Fixture Vises Holds a 3-axis workpiece in position before welding. Hold parts in position during cool down to minimize distortion due to contraction. Two Quick Acting Screws. • “swing away” the 3rd Axis arm for quick and easy part removal. • Available in 3.75? (95 mm) and 4.75? (120 mm) capacities. • Features: 3-Axis Fixture Quick Acting Screw two stand-offs “Swing Away” Arm two Magnetic Rest Blocks • Slot Size (A): 42 mm • Slot Width (B): 11 mm • Miter Joints (C): 95 mm • Jaw Length (D): 120 mm • T-Clearance (E): 64 mm • Jaw Height (F): 36 mm • Height: 210 mm • Weight: 11kg

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