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SHATN100M | Stronghand Tube & Pipe Notcher MODULAR BUILDPRO® TUBE & PIPE NOTCHER Notch tubes and pipes at the accurate angle and length. The 1st notch in a tube or pipe is easily completed with a drill press. The BuildPro® Tube & Pipe Notcher makes alignment off-set and length control of the 2nd notch easy to complete accurately. Notch 25 – 63.5mm” OD pipes or square tubes at any angle or off-set. • 16mm dia. CNC holes • Al. V-Blocks protect workpiece surface. • Accepts hole saw thread sizes: 1/2 -20 5/8 -18. • Setup Clamps and V-Blocks as needed for each unique notching application. • Fully adjustable Kit Includes: • 1 x Buil4dPro® Tube & Pipe Notcher • 2 x Aluminum V-Blocks for tube locating • 1 x Clamp with Magnetic V-Pad

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