Stronghand XYZ Mini-Magnet Twin Pack


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SHMST348 | Stronghand XYZ Mini-Magnet Twin Pack XYZ Magnet Squares – Multi-Angle Set-up 2 or 3-Axis stock at multiple angles • Description: Twin Pack • Max. Pull Force: 10kg • Dimension: 59 x 50 x 22 mm • Quickly and easily set-up 2 or 3-Axis workpieces. • Re-position while holding. Tap or slide workpieces to fix positioning without removing the Magnet. • New Magnetic Face Plate features two rare earth disc magnets for 3rd axis holding. Turn the Magnetic Face Plate with your finger to desired position. Quickly snap together 2 or 3 axis set-ups for tack welding. *Must be used for tack welding only and removed before completing weld. Avoid prolonged exposure of magnetic products to heat sources of 176ºF / 80ºC. *Magnetic force is based on the longest side of Magnet with 3/8? thick steel.

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