Teng 25pc General Tool Set (EVA)

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TTEPS25 | Teng 25pc General Tool Set (EVA) 25 piece set containing a selection of general hand tools. The tools are held in place in a 570mm x 375mm EVA three colour foam bloack for use in the larger Teng Tools drawers and for use as part of the Teng Tools Get Organised system. ï 705 Teng Mini Hacksaw w/6in Blade ï 705-5 Teng 5pc Blades for 705 / 705A (Metal) ï 710C Teng 18mm Snap-off Blade Box Knife 160mm (Plastic) ï 710F-10 Teng Snap-off Knife Blade 18mm – 10pc ï HMEG500 Teng 500gm Engineers Hammer ï HMSF Teng 32mm Rubber & Nylon Soft Face Hammer ï MB442-6 Teng MB 6in H/Duty Side Cutter ï MB452-7 Teng MB 7in Heavy Duty Linesman Plier ï MB461-6 Teng MB 6in Long Nose Plier ï MB481-10 Teng MB 10in Water Pump Plier ï MT03 Teng 3m/10ft x 12mm Measuring Tape mm/in ï PP03-TT Teng Parallel Pin Punch 3mm ï PP04-TT Teng Parallel Pin Punch 4mm ï PP05-TT Teng Parallel Pin Punch 5mm ï PP06-TT Teng Parallel Pin Punch 6mm ï PP07-TT Teng Parallel Pin Punch 7mm ï PP08-TT Teng Parallel Pin Punch 8mm


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