17pc Multi-Drive Adaptor Set

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17PC Adaptor Set РTTADP17 TC-Tray™ Modular System РGET ORGANISED WITH TENG! Tray Size: 265 x 142 x 50mm Tray Weight: 1.3kg • Set of 17 different adaptors for 1/4 3/8 1/2 and 3/4 applications. Supplied in TC-Tray with removeable lid. Fits in Teng Tools tool boxes and roller cabinets. Set Contents: Step up adaptors: 1/2F-3/4M 3/8F-1/2M 1/4F Р3/8M & 3/4F Р1M Reducing adaptors: 1/2F Р3/8M 3/8F Р1/4M & 3/4F Р1/2M Coupler adaptors: 1/4in & 3/8in Hexagon adaptors: 1/4in & 3/8in Bit adaptors 50mm long: 1/4in 3/8in & 1/2in Bit holder with magnet: 50mm & 70mm long Bit holder with quick release chuck: 50mm long


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